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Here are just some of the services we can offer to help make your business more successful!
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servers and networking

We are a full Managed Service Provider (MSP). We can offer your business everything from server & network maintenance, to desktop support. Like having your own company IT Department but at a fraction of the cost!

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Web Development

From your business’s first web site to a re-brand of your company. We can help get your vision out there and shared with the world.

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Graphic design & Marketing

From business cards to brochures and billboards, we have the ability to create any personal or professional graphic design work you need.

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Software Development

Can’t find a piece of software that seems to fit what your business needs? We offer custom purpose built software applications that cater to exactly what your business needs.

Did you know there is more to computer security than just antivirus? Find out how we can help you secure your business!


With all the options today, why choose TNT Consulting?
Small Business Friendly.

Business Services.

Here at TNT Consulting, we believe IT support should be convenient, affordable, and painless. As we all know, just because it's cheap, doesn't make it a better product. We strive to make our service as convenient and affordable as possible.

We offer services ranging from designing your first business card, managing your company's infrastructure. Information Technology is the lifeblood to so many businesses today, yet it seems out of reach for so many small businesses. Our goal is to merge that gap between the Information Technology your business needs and the Information Technology your business can afford.

Here at TNT Consulting, we can offer many services that other big businesses just can't justify on the small business scale. All of us here at TNT Consulting come from enterprise Information Technology backgrounds and we have seen what that knowledge can do to help the small businesses in our area.

TNT Consulting was built by small businesses for small businesses. No client is too large, but more importantly, no client is every too small to get the technology they deserve.

  • 85% percent of our business, comes from small businesses with less than 10 employees.

  • 100% Acceptance! There is no business too small for us. We can to help businesses of all sizes from 1 employee to 100 employees.

  • Most small businesses don't even realize the efficiency they could gain by leveraging today's technology.

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