December 15, 2017

Graphic Design and Marketing

Professional Business Cards

business_cards Example

TNT Consulting can provide you with top quality business cards. We can create business cards for every need. Business cards with simple text and information or full color high quality images on both sides.

Brochures, Pamphlets and more…


The best way to get a customer to remember your product is to give them something to walk away with. Most of the time, people will forget what you sell, or what you do as soon as they walk away; so lets discuss what you do or sell and give them that something to remember you by.


A brochure is a great way to give out a lot of information in a moments time. You can inform a customer of sales, specials, contact information, website, email, and much more. The greatest thing is, brochures are inexpensive advertising that your customers can take with them.


Banners and Signs

Sample Banners


Does your business do trade shows, or travel to different locations frequently?

Do you need a temporary indoor or outdoor sign?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you sound like you need a high quality full color banner. These banners can range from 2′ x 6′ to a full backdrop of 6′ x 4′ and bigger!

These banners can have many different stands and means of display. For extreme travelers there are fold up aluminum stands, and for more stationary banners, you can have metal eyelets placed atop of the banner. These are no where near the limits of your banners, just a few ideas.

Social Media Pages Design, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn