December 15, 2017

Server & Networking

Networking Services

Does your business have multiple computers that need to reliably share an internet connection, a printer, or more? Networking your devices is an excellent way to accomplish this. With networking, multiple PC’s can share an internet connection, printers, scanners, files, etc.  From corporate file sharing and database connectivity to streaming Netflix at home, everything relies on your network.  wired network diagram

Networking isn’t just for computers anymore. More and more systems are utilizing your data network to communicate, from the music playing overhead to the video you see on your display.  Needless to say, having a robust, reliable and secure network is key to any business’s success.  A network will help keep costs down and productivity high.

Let us install or manage your firewalls, spam filter, and other networking equipment. We can ensure your home or business network stays fast and secure!

Server Monitoring & Support

Servers are the backbone to everything we do on the computer.  Servers manage everything from the email we skim every day to the credit card we hold in our pocket.  Any business today likely has at least 1 server to assisting managing it’s business needs.

Databases, file servers, email servers, encryption….the list goes on and on.  Ignore the list and let us handle all of your server needs.  We can monitor your server’s health and security 24/7, allowing us to mitigate problems before they are even known about.